Swift Evolution

On December 3rd, 2015, Apple open sourced Swift. However what’s even cooler, is how they set up the Swift Evolution repository. I’ve been using Swift pretty consistently for about a year now and I can easily say that it has become my favourite language for building iOS apps. However my biggest criticism of Swift in its early days was its volatility. Lots of changes to the language meant lots of re-testing before new releases. Now that there’s a documented “Upcoming Changes” list, we have great insight into what’s coming down the pipe for Swift and can now trust the stability of the language and prepare for major changes in advance.

Some interesting changes for Swift 3.0 include removing c-style loops and removing the ++/– operators. These are some interesting changes as the teams point out that the main reason why they’re in Swift is because C did it. I cringe because I’m still using these a little (and will henceforth drop their usage), but ultimately have to applaud the changes as it will remove ambiguity with respect to “how should I implement this”. Having one true way of doing things is ultimately best.

Regardless of the work that the upcoming changes will cause me, I’m really thankful that we’re finally invited to the table to see, and participate in, the evolution of the language.